Tactical Marketing with Creative Excellence   

Quality tactical execution is vital to successful implementation of your strategy. When your marketing strategy is locked, your Agency of Record steps out, and Aquent Studios steps in to execute your tactical marketing. 

We’ll partner with you to first understand your goals and strategy.  Then we’ll execute the tactical marketing plan built by your Agency of Record. (Strategy and tactics defined.) 

A tactical marketing plan typically includes design, creation, development, placement, transcreation, distribution, and management of ALL of your marketing communications, including promotions and events.   

  • We deliver for all media platforms–print, video, web, app development, mobile, and digital.

  • We manage processes, track results, and deliver custom reports. 

  • We ensure tactical success by managing and aligning the right people, technology, and processes to execute against your strategic plan.

Let’s discuss your tactical marketing needs today.  Contact Aquent Studios.

What’s the difference between Tactical and Strategic Marketing?  

Before we step in to execute your tactical marketing deliverables, your marketing goals and brand strategy must be in place.

Step 1 

Every marketing plan begins with a goal–“what” you want to accomplish or make happen.  A goal is an observable, measurable end result that contains one or more objectives, and has a specific completion date.  

Step 2 

The strategy is your big idea, or series of ideas – a conceptualization of “how” to achieve your goal. Strategy also defines your key messaging – what’s said, how it’s said, when it’s said, to whom it’s said, why it’s said, and on what platform and scope.  In addition, your Agency of Record will execute key strategic deliverables to establish the foundation for tactical marketing functions.  Examples of strategic deliverables include your broadcast advertising campaign or tactical marketing plan.    

Once steps 1 and 2 are in place, your Agency of Record steps out and Aquent Studios steps in to execute step 3–your tactical marketing.

Step 3

A tactic is an action–so tactical marketing is “what” you’ll do to implement your strategy.  Executing against the tactical marketing plan established by your Agency of Record, deliverables might include ads, websites, videos, motion graphics. Interactive, visual, and written content.  Direct mail, digital campaigns, sales enablement and training, transcreation, success tracking. Managing and aligning people, technology, and process.

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