Creating Pixar Design for Government

By April 26, 2016Government, News, Uncategorized

Aquent makes big news with its groundbreaking initiative to disrupt government’s current definition of design.

Backed by 30 years of commercial success, Aquent brings high-end marketing and design solutions to the government sector:  “The beauty of working with Aquent is that it allows for maximum scalability and flexibility,” says Lee Andrese, Vice President of Federal at Aquent. “We’re cutting government costs by offering a variety of ways to work with talented, professional designers who deliver superior results.”

Aquent is currently hiring designers with federal clearance, who see a vision beyond their current environment. “It’s designers who have a dream, who want to up the ante, who want to change their portfolio”  that Aquent is looking for says Andrese.

Full news article at Clearance Jobs.