Who’s Disrupting Design in Government?

There’s a lot of buzz around the new studio being developed for the Government’s Intelligence Community – and with good reason. Aquent’s not just building a studio; it’s flipping the current government model on its head and bringing 30 years of commercial success to the table.

Aquent plans to disrupt the definition of government design with an infusion of innovative ideas, cutting-edge tools, and talented designers who want to up the ante.

Lee Andrese, AP Federal, Aquent.

Lee Andrese,
VP Federal, Aquent.

“We’re creating the Pixar of design for the government,” said Lee Andrese, Vice President of Federal at Aquent. “We want to elevate design and the professional designer within government.”

Government agencies spend millions of dollars each year on printing costs alone. Add to that the print, digital, and video assets related to marketing, outreach, recruiting, and communications, and we’re talking a multibillion dollar market. That space has often been carried by professionals who “fill print and graphics orders” rather than design and brand campaigns.  That is, up until now.

Hiring for New Government Studio – Talented Cleared Graphic & Digital Designers

If you have passion, focus, and great design talent – and you have the vision and drive to take that to the next level – Aquent is looking for designers with clearance who want to be part of the new Pixar studio for government.

“Having a clearance [status] doesn’t make you a good designer. Delivering good design that speaks to results makes you a good designer” said Andrese.

Of the 400 resumes recruiters have reviewed so far, only 10 designers have been seriously considered; and just five made it to the team.

Interviews are multifaceted and include a business, technical, and portfolio interview. If our recruiting team selects you to move forward, the next step is to wow the program manager. And if you make the final cut, you’ll be part of a dynamic team that’s leading and building a new definition of “good design” within the government.


If you have active federal clearance and see yourself as a disruptive influence for good design, apply here today.  We’re looking for you!