We built agile pods for the largest pharmacy healthcare provider in the country to give them much-needed bandwidth.

Our client is a respected health-care corporation with offerings across the entire spectrum of pharmacy care.

Give bandwidth back to the strategists.

At the outset of our now 15-year-long partnership, CVS reached out to us because new and untested initiatives were distracting their strategic, full-time employees from the work on which they really needed to focus. There was an ongoing demand to evolve their business model to be more efficient, and the internal creatives were losing out on key campaigns in favor of external agencies.

Get more agile.

Aquent Studios built and managed “agile pods” to support new or less strategic initiatives while they were being tested. These included Loyalty and Personalization, In-store Signage and Visual Merchandising. Only once the initiatives were iterated, tested, and validated, would they be moved along to CVS’s core creative services team.

Freedom to test and focus on what matters.

The core creative team was much less distracted, and spent their time only on the most impactful projects that really drove business forward. 

Aquent Studios became recognized as a cutting-edge resource that stakeholders could use to test their big ideas before investing time in them.

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