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Adobe helps users worldwide manifest the ideas they dream up. We helped empower beginners to create, with engaging, on-brand tutorials.

Services Used

  • Content
  • Design
Mockup of a video on a webpage at presented on a laptop

The Problem

Simple, step-by-step videos needed to teach novices basic skills in under four minutes. And designs had to meet every detail of Adobe’s recognized style.

Adobe envisioned snackable lessons that would help novices feel fluent enough to use Illustrator and Photoshop. The project demanded an uncommon combination of creative and tactical skills. 

From a creative standpoint, we needed to condense content into clear videos that blended illustration and photography. From an execution standpoint, we needed to nail all of Adobe’s buttoned-up brand elements.

The Solution

We created fluid, easy-to-follow stories that drew in users and made new concepts easy to understand.

We worked with Adobe on all the information an amateur would need from each lesson, then our team of creative directors, writers, and storyboard illustrators went to work. Once Adobe approved the concept and direction for each video, we forged ahead with photography, illustration, video, editing, motion graphics, and sound production.

Our team had the talent and a keen eye for detail to meet all of Adobe’s objectives, including getting the brand look and tone just right.

The Results

Thousands upon thousands of new Adobe enthusiasts used our videos to boost their skills and better their creative output.

People also gave many glowing online reviews testifying how the knowledge had enhanced their work. In just a few minutes per video, new users gained the confidence to push their creative visions ahead.