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At a Glance

Using UX research, analysis, and strategy, Aquent Studios enabled John Deere to clearly understand and solve buyer/supplier challenges that had been a struggle for more than a decade.

Capabilities Engaged

  • Quantitative Analysis
  • User Research
  • UX Strategy
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Project Overview


As a leader and innovator in agriculture, construction, forestry, and lawn care equipment, John Deere runs a massive supply chain that historically had some bumpy areas. The business recognized that the sourcing and quoting process wasn't fast or easy, and supply chain leadership prioritized this problem as a strategic focus area. But with a global organization of 900 buyers managing more than 59 different commodities spread across 50 business units and 13 countries, understanding the problems and opportunities around sourcing and quoting was anything but a trivial ask.


Over the course of 3 months, we consulted and executed an aggressive UX research and strategy engagement that inspired the John Deere team to rethink their supply chain operations, find valuable new opportunities for speed and efficiency, and improve buyer/supplier relationships.

What We Did

User Research

Mapping out a robust research plan

Developed and executed a comprehensive research plan that included qualitative and quantitative methods to connect all parts of the global buying experience.

Getting to the what and why

Conducted 20+ interviews and 30+ group sessions (all remote) to uncover 20+ core problem areas. Surveyed the entire community of 900 buyers to prioritize core problem areas and evaluate differences by country, business unit, commodity, and role.

Quantitative Analysis

Using data and megatrends

Analyzed and synthesized data and uncovered surprising trends and usage patterns, framing out large problem areas and over 30 actionable recommendations spanning processes, systems, and behaviors. This engagement enabled John Deere to move beyond assumptions and opinions. Through qualitative and quantitative research, John Deere had its first clear picture of the supply chain and quoting issues.

Strategy & Storytelling

Driving action and investment

Compelling insights and recommendations that framed problems and potential remedies inspired leadership to act quickly and make significant investments in the recommended areas.

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