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A decade of innovative technical content solutions.

At a Glance

For over ten years, Aquent Studios has played a crucial role at HP, managing XML-based technical content, creating and enforcing authoring standards, and training users—all to ensure that HP's content is delivered effectively and efficiently.

Capabilities Engaged

  • Content Management
  • Development
  • Knowledge Management
  • Program Management

Project Overview


Across all of its varied business divisions, HP has amassed roughly 80,000 technical documents built from several hundred thousand components. Aquent Studios was brought in to manage the complex tasks of sunsetting two authoring systems, migrating content into a new DITA-based system (RWS Tridion), and ensuring seamless delivery while adhering to HP's stringent standards and translation requirements. The work requires constant troubleshooting, detailed problem-solving, training new users, and end-to-end knowledge of the technical content delivery process.


Emphasizing collaboration over organizational distinctions, our engagement at HP involves a team effort with complementary strengths—detailed execution and innovative problem-solving. The team's diverse expertise spans development, as well as program, content, and knowledge management, offering an end-to-end perspective crucial for the complex content delivery process. Our ability to troubleshoot intricate issues and adapt to evolving requirements has enabled a smooth transition. The collaboration extends beyond Aquent Studios, involving HP's internal teams and external vendors. This approach has ensured the successful execution and continuous support for HP's intricate technical content migration and management initiatives.

What We Did

Content Migration

Migrated from two legacy authoring systems to an XML-based CMS

Led the comprehensive effort to sunset the old systems and transition to a new industry-standard DITA framework managed through RWS Tridion.

Content Management

Provided end-to-end expertise for content management

Supported the entire content management initiative, from the development of a content model to system design, system testing, and user training. Additionally, we helped HP troubleshoot intricate issues, adapt to evolving requirements, and create reports, and we provided assistance for various end-user platforms.

Content Delivery

Led content delivery optimization

Worked with various HP business units to design and customize deliverable formats to meet their end-user requirements. These deliverables include a SCORM-compliant web-based training output and a method for feeding DITA content into an AI chatbot.

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